Water Report

Welcome to City of Lincoln

Lincoln's history starts well before it was--that is-- before it became a city

"Lincoln" started as a housing development in 1972.  The first homes were occupied in early spring 1973.  The first summer there were 24 homes extending from Santee up the west end of Carlin.

The following summer the little development grew.  The residents of Ft. Lincoln Estates formed a co-op to handle the water and sewer services.  A much needed water treatment plant began operation in the fall of 1976.  In spite of growing pains the development continued to grow and soon needed rules and revenue.  

Incorporating as a "city" was a process outlined in ND Century Code.  All the necessary paperwork was done and on July 12, 1977 the residents of Ft. Lincoln Estates voted to incorporate as a city.  The vote was 185 to 31.